Seeking funding

A new venture needs some initial funding to prove its model. The funding will be used to develop a prototype, develop software or a product. 

Initially, founders will need to contribute some from their own pockets or reach out to friends and family who can help them out. That initial amount will not last for long and will require a next round of financing, after the founders have proven their model. 

Applying and joining an accelerator could be an approach to be followed.

Founders reach out to 3-4 individuals who are deeply interested in the product and the idea and want to help. Potentially, a crowdfunding campaign can work as well. 

Think of a multi-stage rocket, where each stage is a funding round

If your company is a rocket, venture capital is the fuel that launches it

Assessing the funding needs and coming up with a funding plan is important. It requires creativity. It requires funding your start up on a step-by-step approach, in rounds, as you achieve your targets. Zero-to-ten helps you with your funding strategy and assists you in raising the funds you require.